November 24, 2013

[Analytical Exposition] Being Good in English These Days.

Many things have something to do with English these days. Being good in English is good for us. It is useful and gives us benefits.

Firstly, many teenagers like foreign music these days, such as western, Korean, and Japanese. But, not all the songs in foreign language other than English have Indonesian translation, mostly are in English. With knowing English, we can just read the English translation and we will know what is the song about.

Furthermore, if we interested in learning foreign language other than English, knowing English will help us to learn them easier.

Moreover, being good in English help us in school, it helps our grades. Knowing English also give a bigger chance to get a job. We also can have a bigger chance to study overseas.

There is still many benefits on being good in English. We can make friends with foreign people, help foreign tourist when they come to our country, and asking for help in another country.

So, being good in English is useful for our own being.

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