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About me?

Well, in a brief explanation...

As for personality, I'm the INTP type. My blood-type is O+, my zodiac is Aries, and I was born in Ox year (1997). Combine most of the traits of those indicators and that's me. I'm also apathetic. I'm a loner. I'm not good in socializing. I'm obsessive and possessive but not extreme. But I can slowly open up to people, and sometimes too slow until people give up trying to befriend me.

I'm a STARLIGHT or also known as 별빛. Do you know what is it? No? Guess so. It's a name to call VIXX's fan with. Do you know who is VIXX? Well, it doesn't really matter though. Just Google them if you're curious. They're great, that's all what I can say.

I'm someone who loves to listen to music! I prefer Kpop a bit too much though. I like most of Kpop groups. Don't worry, I'm not limited to Kpop only if it's about listening to music. If you have song recommendations I will be glad to listen to them! Just give me the title and who sang it. But I do have preferences. I like the type of music that are up-beat but not noisy. Mid-tempo ballads are okay too, as well as slow rock.

I read three kinds of writings frequently: fanfictions, mangas, and novels. Genres that I like are angst, hurt/comfort, friendship/brothership/family, fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, romance, and comedy. Please do recommend, too!

I watch animes, dramas, and films occassionally. I prefer the same genres as stated above. Also, don't ever recommend me gory and psychopathic-themed films/animes/dramas. I totally hate that.

I have three things that can sooth me: stars, moon, and rain. My favorite moments(?) of these three things are Milky Way, full moon, and heavy rain. I also like the smell of rain.

I have two things that can relief my stress: ice cream and screaming. When I feel a bit down and depressed, I usually eat a cone or a bucket of ice cream. But lately I can do any screaming, because I live in a place with too many people, Ah... When can I scream while riding a L300 again?

I've never been good in socializing. I can't initiate any conversation. I'm awkward with new people. But I can be a good listener. I can be a friend you can rely on. As long as you don't give up too fast on me when you're befriending me.

I love to criticize writings! I can't stand typos. I also can know if a story have a good grammar or not, but I have no confidence in telling people how is the right one.

I have soft spot for any cute things. My favorite cute things are chibis~

I somehow like it when a character is gender-bended, cross-dressed, or using animals ears and tail. It's not a kink, mind you. I just think that's funny and cute.

I mostly ship rare pairings. Well, pairings that have only a little moments but when they do, it's the cutest thing ever. Okay. Let's categorize this and the paragraph above into my love on cuteness. But not all my ships are rare pairings.

I don't like harem concept, moreover reverse harem. It's not jealousy okay? I just really am not into it. I tolerate some, but I really prefer to not to.

I also write stories (or fanfiction, I would say) but most of them left unfinished because I'm not that good in writing. Most of them, if not all, are inspired by songs or music videos. I also like to write prompts because I know I can't turn it to a full story.

(will be updated)

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